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Westfield Kennels provide a friendly, safe and secure holiday accommodation for your dog in clean, hygienic purpose built kennels with plenty of full time staff to pamper to your pets every needs.

Westfield Kennels

Our dog kennels are purpose built. Each kennel is heated and insulated to keep each kennel warm and cosy in winter. In summer we can provide plenty of ventilation to keep you pet nice and cool. We have various sizes of kennels and all our visitors are housed in accommodation to suit there breed and size.

All kennels come with a comfortable and sterile sleeping area and their own out door run to allow your pet to stretch its legs or lounge around outside.

All kennels are scrubbed out twice a day and checked several times in between so if any accidents happen it can be dealt with straight away. We only use high quality animal friendly disinfectant specially formulated for kennels. We believe only the best products can provide the complete control of bacteria, viruses and fungal spores in order to keep your pet safe while it’s in our care.

Westfield Kennels - comfortable accommodation for your dog

Exercise for Your Dog

All Dogs need the opportunity to freely exercise and interact with people. With this in mind at Westfield Kennels we have several large secure play and exercise areas. All our residents are given the opportunity to play or just freely wander around in one of these areas up to 5 times a day depending on weather conditions and pets requirements. The play areas contain a variety of toys, all of which are washed and disinfected on a regular basis. We also offer a walking facility which involves taking your dog around our 3 acre field. (There is an extra charge for this, please ask for details) It allows your dog to exercise and enjoy all the smells of fresh grass. All dogs on a field walk will be kept on a retractable lead for security and safety and will be walked on a one to one basis unless advised differently.


We believe you get out what you put in so here at Westfield Kennels we provide and feed top quality foods for your pets stay. Good nutrition is a key to keeping your pet healthy and with our years of experience in food we only feed what we believe is the best for your pets stay.

Alternatively you may prefer to bring your own dog food so they can continue eating the same as they do at home. If providing food please bring enough food for his or hers full stay and provide full feeding instructions. This also applies to prescription diets.


All guests are provided with a bed to suit there size. Lined with vet bed and then supplied with a variety of comfy bedding. Bedding is often changed twice a day depending on the weather. All our bedding is washed & dried in our own laundry with high quality non perfumed detergent at a high temperature, then dried at high temperature. This ensures all our bedding is completely clean and hygienic.

If you wish to bring your own bedding we don’t mind but we can not be held responsible for loss or damage of any bedding left with us. Our priority is to look after your dog and with bedding being changed on a regular basis and can sometimes get mixed up with our own bedding, but we will always do our best to return bedding to you when you collect your dog.


Here at Westfields we offer a wash and brush service or a full grooming service.

Please see grooming page for more details.

General Info

All dogs entering our premises must be on a lead and kept under control.
All dogs must be Fully Vaccinated and proof of Vaccinations will be required upon each visit. This is not only to safeguard your pet but also other animals in our care.
All dogs must be vaccinated against Kennel Cough and proof will be required upon each visit.
Kennel Cough vaccination must be carried out a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your dog’s arrival.