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Our heated, cosy & comfy catteries are well furnished and homely. Here at Westfield Cattery we have 5 separate catteries, this allows us to cater for cats with different needs and requirements.

Westfield Cattery

Here at Westfields our catteries are well established with all the facilities and comforts your pet requires to enjoy his or her holiday with us.

One cattery for single cats has a cosy indoor insulated sleeping area with a heated bed and a covered outdoor lounging area, for those who enjoy a bit of fresh air. Another Cattery has a cosy insulated indoor sleeping area but with a large indoor run and lots of toys, for the house cats that wouldn’t be comfortable outside.

Our family catteries have insulated and heated indoor sleeping areas and very cosy heated beds. All our family units have large inside play areas with scratch posts, chairs or benches and lots of assorted toys.

All our catteries are cleaned out several times a day and scrubbed down thoroughly on a daily basis with a high quality animal friendly disinfectant specially formulated for Catteries. We believe only the best products can provide the complete control of bacteria, viruses and fungal spores in order to keep your pet safe while it’s in our care

Indoor Cattery at Westfield Kennels and Cattery


Every cat that stays with us will be given a heated comfy bed (May not be switched on in summer months) with an ample selection of soft comfy bedding, which is changed on a regular basis as required. All our Bedding is washed & dried in our own laundry with high quality non perfumed detergent at a high temperature. It is then dried at high temperature, this ensures all our bedding is completely clean and hygienic.

If you wish to bring your own bedding we don’t mind but we can not be held responsible for loss or damage of any bedding left with us. Our priority is to look after your cat with bedding being changed on a regular basis and can sometimes get mixed up with our own bedding. We will always do our best to return bedding to you when you collect your cat.


Westfield Cattery provide high quality wet & dry Foods, i.e. Iams, Hills, Wellbeloved, Arden Grange and we also provide Whiskas and Felix. Alternatively you may prefer to bring your own cat food so they can continue eating the same as they do at home. If providing food please bring enough food for his or her full stay and provide full feeding instructions. This also applies to prescription diets.


Every cat will have a litter tray which will cleaned & disinfected on a daily basis and checked on a regular basis throughout the day to ensure your pet is kept clean and safe.

General Info

Please bring your cat in a safe, secure and appropriate travel carrier. (Please not in a cardboard box) Please leave this with us for the duration of your cats stay.

All cats must be Vaccinated and proof of Vaccinations will be required upon each visit. This is not only to safeguard your pet but also other animals in our care.

All pets should be treated for Fleas & Worms before boarding.